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Construction Management

What is Construction Management Agent?
A system of contracting by which a construction manager serves as the owner’s agent to provide management, administrative and technical services. The CM-Agent is responsible for selection and control of sub-contractors and completion of the project.

Edwin Glasford Associates is a full service construction consulting firm, focused on the proactive management of the entire construction process.

Services include:

  • Preparation of architectural/design brief in consultation with Client.
  • Advise on procurement routes for Design Team and Construction Contractors.
  • Preparation of initial programme for project including Design, Planning and Construction stages with regular reviews.
  • Arranging for Quantity Surveyors to prepare Cost plan for project amd review as design develops.
  • Continuously reviewing Brief and controlling any changes that arise including review of design against Cost plan.
  • Attending Design Team meetings and regularly reporting on progress to Client.
  • On-going monitoring of programme and project plan and regularly updating Risk Register.
  • Checking on client’s requiements/regulations for the selection of Contractors and informing members of the Design Team. Ensuring that effective election procedures are followed so that only suitable firms tender.
  • Before tender documents are issued, ensuring that a full document review including detailed review of Risk Register is carried out and all parties confirm that the project is ready to go to tender.
  • Reviewing cost estimate based on tender information, discussing with Client any remedial actions that may be necessary to maintain agreed budget.
  • With Design Team members and Client, answering any queries that arise during this tender period.
  • Co-ordinating tender reports from Quantity Surveyors, Architects and Engineers and reporting to Client.
  • Attending progress meetings on site with Contractor (such meetings to be chaired and minuted by the Architect) and reporting to Client on progress, budgetary issues.
  • Checking that the professional team issue the necessary instructions and details to the Contractor and Quantity Surveyor.
  • Timely payment valuations as well as regular budgetary reports to the Client.
  • Monitoring the commissioning, handover and snagging phases of the project.
  • Monitoring the preparation of the Final account of the works by the Quantity Surveyor.
  • Monitoring defects during the Defects Liability Period and check that the professional team and Contractor pro-actively deal with them as appropriate.
  • Provide general advice to the Client throughout the project on procedures, contractual matters etc.